About Us

Established in Sydney in 2009, now based in Brisbane since 2013, Linc Furniture Pty Ltd (ABN 59 136 596 891) is an experienced Australian Contract Furniture Supplier and Exporter.

Linc offers a range of well designed, functional commercial furniture products and accessories that meet the needs of today’s contract furniture market. Our products provide innovative furniture solutions, exceptional product quality, and sound value for money. Our brands include SAFEHOOK™, CLASSMATE™, STOWMATE™, DECORMATE  & LINC CONTRACT FURNITURE®.

Resource and experience in design, production, installation, combine with Linc’s commitment to quality customer service to reinforce the Linc mantra.

Our Four Cultural Pillars

Customer Focus – our customers are fundamental to our business. A customer first mentality is forefront in the minds of all our employee’s. Customers play a vital role in the future of our business, product development and the effectiveness of our support systems just two area’s driven by the consumer. We are not always perfect & want to learn from our mistakes, our executive management team have an open-door policy to discuss any issues our customers may have.

Employee Focus – our employees are a part of our family; our employee’s share the same values and interests of the company. The company believes in building on the strength of its employees & through its open-door policy encourages all employees to contribute, as it does encourage employees to seek to better themselves through outside education and training.

Third Party Partner Focus – our business is reliant on the strength of the relationships with our chosen suppliers to provide a prompt, quality service that best facilitates Linc’s ability to satisfy our customers’ expectations. Linc treats its third-party suppliers on similar grounds as that of our employees, with transparency and availability. Linc observes & practices fair and ethical trading, a trait shared by its suppliers. Linc follows a “Buy Local, Buy Australian” philosophy.

Environmental Focus – we don’t condone a throw away mentality, our products are manufactured in a quality environment to the highest standard, our products are built to last, with functional classic designs that stand up to the toughest conditions. We do understand and recognise the desire for change & we support the concept of reuse or recycle.